Advise from our Dietitian Ola Luczak

15 August 2017

Advise from our Dietitian Ola Luczak

Here at Maribyrnong Sports Academy we are in very fortunate to be able to utilise the skills our staff members who look after the Health and Well Being of all of our students here at the Academy

Our resident dietitian Ola Luczak is particularly passionate about the food that goes into our Athlete's and ensuring that a good diet will in turn become a great result.

In conjunction with the Sports Academy's Digital and Media department, Ola is proud to release episode 1 of her new Web Series " Ola's Kitchen.  In this episode Ola focuses on eating before or after training and why it's so important for our athlete's development.

We hope you enjoy episode 1 of Ola's Kitchen.



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