Eat Right - Pre Game Fueling

17 May 2016

Eat Right - Pre Game Fueling




Hello! As the sports dietitian at the Maribyrnong Sports Academy I frequently get asked what foods are required to help fuel and maximize sports performance. Here are some guidelines to help get your children what they need.



at least 1/3 of your dinner plate should contain a starchy carbohydrate

Ø  Dinner:

o   Spaghetti bolognaise or pasta bake

o   Chicken / beef stir fry with 1-2 cups rice / noodles

o   Risotto

o   Low fat fried rice

Ø Dessert / Supper:

should be high in carbohydrates and low fat to top up fuel stores

o    Banana / berries & reduced fat custard

o    Tinned fruit & reduced fat ice-cream / yoghurt

o    Fruit Crumble and reduced fat ice-cream

o    Sliced fruit & Jelly


 – 2-4 hours before the event, high in carbohydrates (50-100g), easy to digest, low in fat and foods that you enjoy

Ø Breakfast:

o    Breakfast cereal + milk & fruit

o    Toast with jam / honey + 1 glass Milo

o    Porridge with milk & 1 glass fruit juice

o    English muffin / crumpets with jam / honey

o    Canned spaghetti on toast

Ø Lunch:

o    Pasta with tomato based sauce

o    Wholemeal roll /sandwich with banana & honey

o    Pita bread wrap / sandwich with ham/ chicken & salad

o    Low fat fried rice or risotto



1-2 hours before the event, carbohydrate based to top up fuel stores. Also start to sip on 300-500ml fluid during this time.

o    Muesli bar & banana

o   Yoghurt + fruit

o    Rice crackers / corn thins

o   Dried or fresh fruit

o    Low fat fruit muffin



Ø Practice using these strategies in training sessions so that you are comfortable that your stomach can tolerate the foods.


Ø If you suffer from pre-match nerves or cannot compete on a full stomach – try having a liquid meal (eg. low fat fruit smoothie, sustagen sport, up & go or Milo) or eat early and top up with small carbohydrate snacks & drinks closer to the game.



o   AIS ( > recipes / fact sheets

o   Sports Dietitians Australia ( > fact sheets

o   Australian Healthy Food Guide ( > recipes

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