MSA Rehabilitation Services

The Injury Management process at MSA is an athlete-centered process which is designed to work collectively with staff at the academy to ensure the most advantageous outcome for the student athlete’s return to performance.
The Rehabilitation Coordinators situated at the school work to provide rehabilitative services, communicate with Parents, Technical Coaches, and other external stakeholders where appropriate.
MSA work collaboratively with the Physiotherapists at Back In MotionTM Braybrook within the school setting to provide clinical assessment. We are also able to liaise with external allied health professionals.
The Rehabilitation Coordinators are:
Dylan Powell (Years 7, 9, & 12)
Kath Banks (Years 8 & 11)
Leo Bell ( Years 10)



-         What information will I receive about my injury?
o   Your rehabilitation coordinator will email your injury report to your emergency contacts and your relevant coaches on a daily basis.
-         What happens after I report my injury?
o   Your rehabilitation coordinator will let you know whether or not you need to attend injury clinic.
-         Do I need to make an appointment for injury clinic?
o   You will receive information from your rehabilitation coordinator regarding an appointment time for your injury to be assessed at injury clinic by the physiotherapists
-         Where is injury clinic?
o   Injury clinic is located within the main gym at MSA (Gym 5).
-         What time is injury clinic open?
o   Injury clinic is open Monday for Friday from 7:30am to 8:30am
-         Who are the physiotherapists?
o   There are three different physiotherapists that come in each morning (one per morning), Ian Tran, Megan Smith and Chris Bryceson. The physiotherapists are from the preferred provider physiotherapy business ‘Back in Motion Braybrook’
Back in Motion have clinics across Victoria and Australia, and MSA students, family and friends receive a discounted rate at all locations. For more details on how to book an appointment with them click here
-         Do I have to see the Physiotherapists at school?
o   No. All athletes that are injured are to report to the rehab staff (ASAP) even if they have already seen an “outside” health professional. This is necessary to ensure all information is collected for our records, including from the “outside” health professional, in order to plan the rehabilitation from here.
-         Do the Physiotherapists provide TREATMENT at school?
o   No. The service provided is an ASSESSMENT of the injury only. From this they provide the rehabilitation staff advice on how to manage the injury and make any referrals to appropriate health professionals.
-         What information should I get from "outside" health professionals?
o   This is VERY IMPORTANT! There is a form at MSA that athletes must take to all their appointments for the health professional to complete. This form can be found in the main gym, and soft copies can be obtained here or from Team App. This form is used to prompt the health professional and to ensure all the necessary information is received. The information covers what the injury is (diagnosis), what the athlete CAN do (rehabilitation and recommendations) and what the athlete CAN’T do (limitations) etc. It also informs us of the next review date so we know when to expect new information.
-         Once assessed by the Physiotherapist at school, do I have to see them outside of school?
o   No. Athletes can seek treatment from any health provider of their choice as long as the providers agrees to complete the Health Professional Report (HPR) with each treatment. This is necessary in order to plan the most effective rehabilitation programs for the athletes. The benefit of utilizing Back In Motion Braybrook is that the physiotherapists there work closely with the MSA staff on a regular basis thereby streamlining the rehabilitation process.
-         How do I get my rehabilitation program?
o   Once the guidelines have been established with the physiotherapist/health professional, the rehabilitation staff will write a program for you. If needed, organise a time with the rehabilitation staff to demonstrate the program and ensure you understand it all. Rehab staff will be in the gym before and after school to maintain and progress the program as the injury improves and to monitor technique
When can I return to sport?
o   Once your treating health professional gives you the “all clear” to return to sport, WITH WRITTEN CONFIRMATION TO US, then a safe return to playing can be made. We strongly discourage going against the health professional’s recommendations even if you think you are right to play. Your rehabilitation will involve a gradual return to sport. Progressions such as this have an element of risk and should be completed under the guidance of the rehabilitation staff and health professional.


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