Program overview


The aim of the Maribyrnong College Taekwondo Program is to provide Academy students an elite training environment and competition specific training to develop them into young professional minded athletes.


This program will compliment their outside-club training, together teaching the students what is required to become an elite athlete and giving them the technical and tactical skill to reach high level of competition. We also aim to train students at a level that they can naturally progress into the senior level of competition, post the Maribyrnong Sports Academy Program without any gap in skill level.


Our players are aiming to make National Teams for a number of benchmark competitions, including the Oceania Championships, World Cadet Championships, World Junior Championships and World Senior Championships.


Program Achievements


Since becoming an MSA program sport in 2015, our Taekwondo students have already achieved great success both Nationally and Internationally.


In 2015, we had many students win both, the Victorian Championship and the National Championships and one player make the Australian National Team to compete at the prestigious World Cadet Championships, which was held in South Korea.


In addition to these great results, 2016 students include players who’ve won both Victorian and National Championships and have been members of the Australian National Team for the World Cadet Championships.


We aim to achieve the same results in this year with students eligible to make the National Team for the World Junior Championships.



Training Program


The Taekwondo Program training is designed to develop the technical and tactical skill of each student for today’s style of competition. We also have just acquired the latest KP&P / Adidas Electronic Body Protector technology to familiarise the students, with different scoring ways, which will give them an advantage in competition.


Training Venues


MSA Taekwondo training currently train out of an Essendon Taekwondo Centre that consists of 2 large fully matted training areas over two levels, as well being fitted out will all necessary training equipment.


Athletes also complete training sessions at the Maribyrnong Sports Academy Gym and Water Recovery Centre.


Specialist Coaches and Staff

Ryan Carnell – Oceania Taekwondo Union Level 1 coach, Maribyrnong Sports Academy Technical coach, 2008 Beijing Olympic Athlete, Former Senior and Cadet National Taekwondo Team coach and a 2016 Taekwondo Olympic team selector.



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