Technical Training

General Information

Technical training sessions are where student athletes access high level coaching within their sport. The technical training sessions are scheduled either before school (6:45-8:15am) or after school (3:30-5:00pm) on school days. A technical training timetable outlines which mornings and afternoons students need to attend.

Technical Training Timetable

A student athlete can expect to attend 2-4 sessions per week depending upon the sport and age group. There is no technical training the first week of each term. This week is for coaches meetings and planning.

There are 12 major sports including AFL, Athletics, Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, Golf, Hockey, Netball, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball and Taekwondo. These sports are coached by Sports Academy staff.

We also have a number of Associate athletes who have external coaches not provided by the Sports Academy. Sports such as rowing, swimming, gymnastics, lacrosse and baseball are classified as Associate sports.

The Academy is a training environment; not a team environment. The primary focus is on developing the individual as a well-rounded athlete. Our student-athletes receive highly specialised individual instruction and feedback from multiple coaches who conduct our training sessions.

Our focus is on students being successful in their sporting pathways. This is measured by the number of Sport Academy students being identified and selected in State and National pathway programs.

Attendance at technical training is compulsory and is an absolute priority for students on an Academy scholarship. Student-athletes attending Maribyrnong Sports Academy are required to organise their external trainings around their school training. Students should not be requesting, at any time, to leave Maribyrnong trainings sessions early to attend external training sessions. External coaches need to be informed by parents of the school scholarship requirements of training attendance. The only exceptions are students in State or National training programs who negotiate alternative arrangements with the Technical Coaching Coordinator who will liaise with the coaches. Our technical training guidelines explains our requirements and expectations in relation to training.

Technical training guidelines


All Academy sports use Team App. Coaches post training sessions, news and events and other important information on this App. Students can access it from their smart phone. It is an easy and effective way to communicate. It is student’s responsibility to notify coaches if they will miss a training session and they must follow our technical training guidelines if they do.

Competition Representation

We are an individual training environment but we do participate in competitions to allow our students to compete at high levels and practice their skills in a competitive setting allowing our coaches to provide important feedback. All students that are selected are required to compete for the Sports Academy in competitions we enter.

Selection is based on a variety of factors including: academic progress, adherence to Academy procedures, training attendance, positive attitude, consistent effort, concentration & focus, listening skills, fitness, development & improvement and being a positive teammate. A selection policy document is currently being developed and will be available soon.

If you have any queries in relation to Technical Training please can contact

Peter Fleming (Assistant Sports Director-Operations)                

9091 8100                         

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