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One of the pathways available to suitable student-athletes is to gain a sports scholarship to a university in USA. Unlike Australian universities, high-level competitive sport is funded in universities throughout USA.

Since 2008, approximately 40 former students from Maribyrnong Sports Academy have achieved academic eligibility and received scholarships to study in US colleges or universities, and to compete in NCAA, NAIA or Junior and Community College sports. There are more than 4000 colleges and universities in USA!


As well as demonstrating outstanding ability and achievements in sport, student-athletes who are interested in this pathway must also meet strict academic eligibility criteria. All subjects and grades from Years 9-12 are reviewed. These eligibility rules vary for each level of college, and the regulations change frequently, so it is important for our student-athletes and families to have access to accurate and current information about the different eligibility requirements for NCAA, NAIA and Junior or Community Colleges.

Expert advice about academic eligibility for student-athletes and families is available from Maureen Spencer-Gardner in our Sports Academy office at Maribyrnong College.

Since 2000, Maureen has assisted more than 200 Australian athletes and families, plus many schools and state sporting organisations from around Australia, with academic preparation for universities in USA, including subject selection advice, tutoring for SAT and ACT tests, academic transcripts, university admissions and student visa processes. 



For more information please contact:

Maureen Spencer-Gardner: US College Academic Guidance Counsellor

Phone: 9091 8150 or Email: spencer-gardner.maureen.a@edumail.vic.gov.au 

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