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Victoria University (VU) is emerging as one of Australia's leading universities. VU is well known for preparing students not just for a career, but for life. Through VU’s strong industry connections and leadership in sport education, VU provides opportunities for every individual to achieve success on their own terms.


As one of only a few Australian universities to offer both vocational training (TAFE) and higher education with direct pathways between the two, VU’s range of courses includes apprenticeships, certificates, diplomas, degrees and postgraduate programs.


Victoria University boasts nine academic colleges and fourteen research institutes and centres, with over 48,000 students from around the world studying at one of VU’s network of campuses in Melbourne’s west and the CBD.


VU strives to be a University of opportunity with a vision to achieve success through outstanding educational opportunities for students from diverse countries, cultures, socioeconomic and educational backgrounds. In 2016, VU will be celebrating a Centenary of opportunity. This significant milestone marks 100 years of delivering high quality, accessible education in the west of Melbourne.


Australia’s Sport University

Victoria University (VU) is Australia’s leading sport university. VU has an outstanding reputation in sport, exercise and active living underpinned by extensive course offerings, major research, international partnerships, state-of-the-art facilities and expert academic staff.


VU is Australia’s largest provider of vocational and degree programs in sport-related programs. We offer programs in sport and exercise science, exercise rehabilitation, physical education, sport coaching, sport and recreation management, sport business, outdoor recreation, sport development, sport massage and fitness.


VU’s work-placement program has a network of more than 550 employers, offering students real-world experience before they graduate at organisations such as Cricket Australia, Tennis Australia and the Western Bulldogs Football Club.


World-Class Facilities

Victoria University’s $68 million Sport and Learning Precinct at Footscray Park Campus boasts the most advanced sport and exercise-related technology and equipment in the southern hemisphere. It includes integrated laboratory spaces for research and teaching in the sport science disciplines of biomechanics, exercise & sport physiology, and skill acquisition & coaching. The facility boasts a high altitude ‘hotel’ and climate chambers that are used by VU students and researchers, and by professional sports teams and community organisations.


VU’s $8 million Sport and Recreation Learning Centre at Victoria University Community Sports Stadium – a joint initiative with the Western Bulldogs Football Club – allows students to learn alongside sport and recreation professionals.



VU collaborates with a network of Australia’s high level sport organisations through to grassroots and community sport, including:

Maribyrnong Sports Academy (more information below).

Netball Victoria and the Melbourne Vixens

Western Bulldogs

Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Institute of Sport

Sport Australia Hall of Fame.

Real Madrid Graduate School European University


VU partnerships benefit students and the community through student placement opportunities, research, curriculum development and improved health and wellbeing of our communities.


VU-MSA Partnership

Maribyrnong Sports Academy (MSA) is a key partner with Victoria University (VU). The overall purpose of the partnership is to foster knowledge transfer and exchange between world leading sport research and best practice coaching and student-athlete support to help place Maribyrnong Sports Academy as a world-leading athlete development program. The partnership is fostering collaboration in areas related to Sport and Exercise Science with specific emphasis on talent identification, athlete development and performance, and post-secondary education and sport career pathways. In doing so, MSA and VU will enrich the experience and opportunities for students and collaborate in research which drives innovation in sport, exercise science and education.


A brief outline of MSA and VU collaborative activities is outlined below:


Sport science testing and training services at VU for identified high potential MSA athletes and squads. The services include but are not limited to;

  • Exercise Physiology (eg, VO2 Max testing, heat acclimatisation training).
  • Biomechanics (eg, assessment of gait and sport-specific technique).
  • Skill Acquisition (eg, perceptual and decision-making testing).
  • Sport Psychology (eg, resilience and mental toughness training).


Interactive sport science laboratories at VU for VCE Health and Physical Education, in the core sport science disciplines of Exercise Physiology (eg, VO2 Max testing), Biomechanics (eg, Soccer kick analysis), and Skill Acquisition (eg, reactive agility testing).


Development of pathways and awareness to establish VU as the preferred tertiary and vocational education destination for MSA students.


Placement of VU undergraduate students into MSA as part of Sport Science Cadetships, Career & Professional Development (PPD) placements, Learning in the Work Place (LiWP) observation, or physical education Pre-Service Teacher (PST) placements.


Development of pathways for MSA coaches and teachers to undertake VU courses in the field of Sport and Exercise Science as part of their ongoing professional development.


Reciprocal access to facilities between VU and MSA for the purpose of VU undergraduate class activities and MSA Athlete Development Program (ADP) class activities.


Joint VU and MSA professional development activities such as seminars, workshops, practical demonstrations and other related knowledge exchange activities.

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