Vision and Aims

Our Vision

We aspire to be recognised internationally as one of the finest schools for talented young sportspeople. The innovative Maribyrnong Sports Academy will assist students to balance their academic and sporting goals in an “athlete friendly” environment which provides support and flexible study options within Maribyrnong College.

Our Aims

  • To assist students to balance their sporting goals and academic studies in a supportive educational environment within an “athlete friendly school”

  • To promote a “high performance culture” for students focusing on sporting excellence and academic achievement

  • To provide students with state of the art facilities, high performance coaching, “best practice” training programs and structured support systems, including sports medicine, sports science, sports psychology and sports nutrition

  • To provide diverse sporting and career pathways for students involved in the Maribyrnong Sports Academy to meet their needs and develop their potential including elite sport pathways, US Colleges, Australian tertiary options and sports industry placement 

Core Elements

  • Technical sports development, including skills, strategies and tactics in a range of indoor and outdoor sports (Technical Training)
  • A comprehensive range of academic programs from years 7 to 12
  • Personal Development and Leadership curriculum
  • Sports Science, Sports Medicine, Sports Phychology, Sports Nutrition & Rehabilitation Services
  • Physical Preperation for competition (Athlete Development Program [ADP]
  • Years 7 and 8        140 minutes of ADP
  • Year 9                    280 to 420 minutes of ADP (can select 6 periods minimum or 9 periods maximum per week)
  • Year 10                  235 to 470 minutes of ADP (5 periods one semester/ 10 periods the other or Vice Versa)
  • Years 11 & 12        90 compulsory ADP before or after school plus optional extra sessions and some ADP components embedded in subjects such as VCE PE and VET Sport and Recreation ( 90 minutes per week)   


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